Embroidery…. Each embroidery is different name

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Shoe bag with embroidery. It is a common customization door gift.

Recently, we been approached by an elderly gentleman. He told us, he needs 30 shoe bags for a club which the members are mostly senior citizens.

Hmmmmm… sound simple task for us. We been supplying thousands and thousands of bags, shoe bags, shopping bags with customization of printing , embroidery and even metal plate labelling.

But this request is a bit different. It is more troublesome.

The quantity is less. Each embroidery is the name of the member. And the budget is low.

30 members, 30 names and each embroidery is different.

It is quite a challenging task for us. No existing partners or factories would accept our order. Some of them just ignore our request.

But Wilvision never give up. We asked the help from the home-base embroidery team and glad to found a lady willingly to help us.

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